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Visiting colleges gives any prospective student the best look at their prospective schools. By visiting a school, you’ll get to talk to students, see the ins and outs of campus, and begin to picture yourself at the school you’re visiting. Follow us as we go through current college visit options and what to expect!

*Due to COVID-19, many schools are no longer able to provide in-person tours and college visit programs. However, there are various ways to visit schools virtually!


YouVisit is a great website with over 600 colleges/universities to virtually visit. Here they provide 3D, interactive, 360° tours of campuses around the US with virtual tour guides explaining the ins and outs of their schools. Even better, all tours are free!

2. CUNY Campus Tours

If you are interested in CUNY schools, the CUNY admissions website has provided free virtual tours to schools partnered with, and video tours to their non-partnered campuses.

3. SUNY Campus Tours

If you are interested in SUNY schools, the SUNY admissions website has also partnered with YouVisit to provide virtual tours to a number of their campuses. Additionally, several SUNYs have virtual live information sessions, video chats, and one-on-ones with an admissions staff member

4. Youtube

While taking advantage of official school tours, Youtube can be a great source to hear from students themselves. Many vloggers have videos on their inside experience at their respective schools. Here you could get a sense of someone’s daily life at your prospective school.

5. Specific Visit Programs

Some schools may provide specific visit programs for certain groups of students, such as multicultural visits, or week-long event visit programs. Due to COVID-19, many of these programs could look a little different than in the past. Look on your prospective school websites to find any specific visit programs they have.