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Last week we laid out various ways to visit colleges virtually from inside of your own home! This week, take a look at some ideas on what to ask your guides and panelists when visiting schools! Comment any questions you may have about schools.


  • What kind of curriculum does the school have?
  • What are the graduation requirements? 
  • What are the graduation rates?
  • What opportunities are there for undergraduate research?

Academic Support

  • What type of tutoring program do you have?
  • How do you provide academic advice to students?
  • Do you have a writing center and how do I access it?
  • What kind of learning disability/academic accommodation resources do you have? What paperwork to I need to provide to access these services?

Student Life/Experience 

  • What kind of dorm choices are there?
  • How is freshman living set up?
  • What percentage of students live on campus versus off?
  • How long are dorm accommodations guaranteed?
  • What is greek life like? What percentage of the student body belongs to a sorority or fraternity?
  • What kinds of events happen on campus?
  • What clubs do you have on campus?
  • What access do I have to off campus?

Financial Aid

  • What is the average financial aid package?
  • What percentage of financial need does the school typically meet?
  • Does the school give merit awards?
  • What percentage of students receive college grants?
  • What is the average college debt that students leave with?
  • What work study opportunities are there?